The phone that does everything.

When thinking about convergence, the first thing that came to mind was the iPhone. In the past mobiles were used to call people and receive texts, as the years went on we were able to download small amounts of music to mobile phones. In June 2007 the first iPhone was launched. The features on the first iPhone allowed people to search the web, download apps, take videos, pictures, calculate maths and even use wifi on their phones.

This was a huge development within the world of technology, as it meant all the different technologies were coming together as 1. This is an example of technological convergence, as the new technology has developed to replace the old.

I think the iPhone has been a huge game changer in the way use mobile phones and applications. They were the first mobile phone provider to launch apps on their own App Store in which outside third party developers could create applications in which could be downloaded onto a mobile phone.

Without the iPhone, would phones be how they are today is the question I want you to think iphone-convergeabout? I personally feel that apple started the drive towards this new technology in which today we take for granted and would not understand mobile phones to be without certain apps and functions that we have now.


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