Vice: The voice of this generation ?

The reading stated the fusion of all forms of media is resulting in the creation of an entirely newmedium, which means websites are created to incorporate advantages of each media category. I think that Vice fits the epitome of convergence.

Vice was funded in Montreal in 1994, as a magazine which started as a government funded project, as a part of community building. Vice as a brand has expanded immensely and converged successfully leading to its own Youtube channel. This allows the audience to view content that broadens their horizons on issues in the media/news.

Its implications for users isto cover stories that the mainstream media won’t cover. The UK editor Andy Capper in an interview with The Independent said ‘Everything we do has economic and social context’. The quote sums up how Vice has digitized its social media connections and used them as platforms. Their online website has so much variety to choose from such as a web-based TV channel, music, fashion, travel and categories such as crime and mental health.

It is an expanding market, and it has combined the competitiveness of TV, radio and print media with its redefining style which has allowed Vice to become a ‘teen bible’. It has increased its visibility to the public by becoming a form of advertisement and by collaborating a wide range of publications that means a lot of outlets get credibility.

By Demi Bailey-Paul




  1. Vice is both a good example for media convergence and a good resource for information on interesting topics and taboos.Another implication for users is the access to Vice’s channels – Vice News, Vice Sports, Noisey (a music channel), etc. Therefore the content it provides is convergence between television, radio and newspaper content.

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  2. I read and watch Vice content often and fond it interesting for the very reasons your have spoken about ion your post. They don’t write abut what other news outlets write about, they create original content over all social media and have a very big following because if these unique things.


  3. I think Vice is a prime example of when convergence go well, and are actually put into place to provide us with unique reporting and broadcasting, to show the other side to many major stories. I think this is a great example because it’s a convergence that actually has many pros about it, instead of writing about a convergence that is all about money and monopolisation.


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