Visual Radio

Radio is one of the oldest forms of media but I believe it is growing and turning itself into a new and exciting form of digital media by incorporating visuals. Radio is not just for the listening anymore. Most big radio stations have a function where you can turn on the camera in the studio to watch for example a live interview with an artist or a band playing their music live. If I use the example of Radio 1, they have moments were you can not only listen on your traditional radio but you can also watch their programs on your laptop, press the red button on your TV or even watch on your mobile phone or tablet. There are so many different platforms they are using to get people involved in many different ways. Not only are they using visual aids but they are also using social media and twitter to get people listening, watching, engaging and creating.

Click this link to watch Radio 1 live.



  1. As a matter of fact, I think Radio has gone through the most ‘convergence’ in the past few years. Radio 1 live is an innovation in itself really. But, this makes me question. So, is Radio now TV? What’s the point if you can watch radio? Doesn’t that change the fundamentals of what radio is altogether?! Audio only, isn’t it. Connecting this to the bigger picture, is media convergence just a hotchpotch where each media form loses its intrinsic value? For example, newspapers are now blogs instead of paper, blogs are social media, news is a list on Buzzfeed, lists are now random quizzes, radio is TV and they still claim broadcasting is a dying industry. Is this media convergence or is everything just lost?

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  2. I agree with your point that radio is a media convergence, although I wouldn’t say viewing a live feed of radio is exciting. I think that although there has been new convergences happening across media platforms regularly to stay up to date with current trends, i believe that the need for seeing someone while they present a radio show is pointless. I think that radio is meant to listen so you can engage with someones point of view on a story, listen to your favourite songs and more. The need to turn radio into a visual platform is unnecessary in my opinion. Although i think the ways in which we can now listen to radio on more platforms including our phone, laptop and tv is a good way to ensure that you can listen more easily. thanks for your interesting idea

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  3. I totally agree with you and the convergence of radio, its amazing how something that began as media that was convenient for everyday life, for people to relate and listen to while on the go is now online and like some sort of catch up TV. I personally think its a very clever idea of convergence and it could help listeners become more connected with the presenters and certainly provides great entertainment.

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  4. I loved this post because I have never really thought about this as media convergence. I am a big fan of Ryan Seacrest, and he usually posts videos of the interviews he does on his radio show on his website and on YouTube. It is amazing the amount of platforms that qualify as convergence and we don’t even notice until we give it some thought.

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  5. I think this is a really good point you have made about radio. Radio I fee is something that is very popular and people always listen to, however it is rarely talked about as something that is mainstream because it’s almost like background noise. I agree with you completely that radio has taken on a larger platform in the recent years with things like YouTube broadcasting videos of interviews with celebrities and posting covers. I think radio will become more talked about in the years to come as the media and technology increases.


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