Wired on Twitter

As the internet entered the scene and the technology developed, any delimitation between the traditional media outlets and the new media has been blurred. The internet ‘absorbed’ the old media and favoured the media convergence. This blending between different media forms within a single platform is fundamental to the new era of information.

Twitter, an online social networking service mostly known for its 140-character limited messages, is a depicting example of media convergence. This microblogging platform is mainly designed to connect people, but it also offers them information and entertainment.As an example, the news publications use Twitter to promote their news online, marketing companies advertise their products there etc.

In this case, the media convergence has paved the way towards a more dynamic and complex online experience. For instance, a Twitter user can read a news story, see pictures related to it or even listen to it. Apart from being consumers, the users have the opportunity to be distributors and content creators. They can engage in online discussions, share online material or even create their own material. Therefore, Twitter becomes a flourishing medium for amateur content. While it is clear the media convergence increases interactivity between users, facilitates the user-generate content and contributes to a collaborative online community, it also ‘muddles’ the distinctions between expert and amateur content.


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  1. This is a good example of convergence. Twitter is still quite young considering it was only created 10 years ago, so it is amazing how far it has developed in the past decade. A huge range of people use Twitter, from pop stars to news sites to academics to students like us. It allows people from different backgrounds to discover each other and their cultures, as well as interacting with them. Not only can we create content to upload to Twitter, we can also view content other people have uploaded, and we as consumers choose the content we wish to view.

    I like your point that this platform was designed mainly to connect people, but also offers information and entertainment. It demonstrates how the public have enabled this convergence to happen.

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