Bullet screen-“Danmu”

Bullet screen, which can also be written as “Bullet curtain”(Chinese word “Danmu” or “Danmaku” in Japanese), is a very popular system for people to share their comments as they are watching videos. It was first popularized by Japanese ACG (animation, comic, game) video portal Niconico, which later inspired Chinese ACG websites AcFun and BilibiliIt does not like traditional comments which people post below the video. Bullet screen allows viewers typed the comments to zoom across the screen like bullets.


The new form of comments is extremely popular in Japan and China. People even would like to wait for other viewers to be online in order to share the video and post the comments together. And some people even can play the Bullet screen.

b8014a90f603738df47190bbb31bb051f819ec74 amazing bullet screen..

You might ask why the “Bullet screen” is not popularized in Europe and America? The reasons are quite simple. The Bullet screen is not suitable for English language. Furthermore, the governance is different between western countries and eastern countries.

For me, I am a fan of Bullet screen. I love reading the bullet screen because it brings me so much fun! But sometimes you have to close the bullet screen because it will make you mad!!!

Example ↓ = =





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