The term ‘fanfiction’ refers to the stories that are created by fans of another story. Audiences take a much loved story or world, such as the Marvel universe, and create an alternative reality for it and the characters. Sometimes this is an expansion of the story that has already been told, what happens next, the history behind the story, or an alternative to certain parts of story in a question of ‘what if?’ Fanfiction always comes with a disclaimer to say that the world and the characters do not belong to them, they simply have an idea that they want to share with other fans. Often these fanfic’s are referred to as ‘headcannons’ – theories that may or may not be true but are welcomed by the fans because they want the information and it’s fun to imagine ‘what if’.

There is a LOT of fanfiction on the internet, ranging from those reflective of the original stories to others that are much more explicit. I have found an article that features links to six different Harry Potter fanfics, all of which open up a new perspective or expansion of the much loved story of the boy wizard.

Harry Potter Fanfic

I’m also including an article that discusses what it means to fanfiction author written by a fanfic author. 13 Things Fan Fic Writers Are Tired of Explaining is a great read as the author explains why they write fanfictions. People write fanfics for many reasons – creativity, confidence, satisfaction, entertainment – but one thing I’ve noticed is that it is always out of admiration for the original creator and stories. They are not trying to copy anyone. This is why their participation is so significant because they simply want to continue this world that they’ve grown to love. It is the fans that keep the stories and the media alive.


Jaye Dundas


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  1. I found your blog post very interesting. I didn’t know so many fan fictions exist. I think is admirable how people with a strong passion for a story and its author like to create an expansion or an alternative story about it to continue to enjoy its characters, situations… this shows us the fundamental role that people have on online platforms and how they interact with what is around them.
    It is incredible how important and essential the audience participation is in this kind of site, where people is not just user or reader, but author of the site (and the story) itself.
    Thanks for a great suggestion… I am a big Harry Potter fan and I will enjoy reading some of these “new chapters” about it!

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