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For Youtube stars it is there audience that shapes there show. They take direction from their followers and shape their build their videos around what they want to see. I have chosen share with you the (rather awful!) video DARE or DARE Marcus vs Zoella. In this particular video I have chosen, the audience are actually telling the Vloggers what to do, by commenting on the video and daring them to do things. They also get their fans to tweet them and use other forms of social media and so are getting their audience to participate and join in with them in many different ways. They reply to their followers and make them feel involved the whole way through, even naming some by name. Followers of these Youtubers feel like they have a real impact in what happens in the videos.


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  1. These videos on vloggers channels are so popular now! After reading your blog I was considering why this is and realised that it is precisely the audience participation that makes it so. For the audience, it is like you say, having an impact on the content they are watching. It also allows them to feel as though they have a ‘connection’ with the vloggers because they have been asked directly for ideas regarding the content. For the vloggers it is easy access to lots of views because they know audiences will watch a video they have had influence on. It is an easy video to make in the sense that it requires very little of their effort creatively speaking… It is a lazy video in many ways but one that will satisfy their audience.

    Jaye Dundas

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