Audience participation in Tripadvisor

I couldn’t think of any better example of audience participation than Tripadvisor. It is said that Tripadvisor is the world´s largest travel site where millions of users offer advice about restaurants, hotels…etc. It was created in February 2000 and operates sites in 47 countries and in 28 languages.  Tripadvisor is a website, where people create profiles to evaluate the restaurants and hotels they´ve been, creating this way an average number that shows the quality of the place. The profile of the restaurant or hotel is created by comments of people. It also offers forums, personalized surveys, hotel price comparison and city tours. This way if you are thinking of going to Thailand for example, you can log in on Tripadvisor and search any accommodation to see if they are rated (by how many reviews) as terrible, poor, average, very good or excellent.

The website´s content is generated by 320 million reviews from travelers and locals all over the world. How many of you trust people´s experience? In my opinion it is very handy to know what the customers think about a place and not just see a very nice website talking about how amazing their own business is. Platforms that allow users add content are more realistic, as this way people are able to compare comments and judge by themselves.Big Easy - Chelsea, London - Chelsea - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor - Google Chrome 23022016 185915.bmp

Big Easy - Chelsea, London - Chelsea - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor - Google Chrome 23022016 185755.bmp


Elena Munoz



  1. I like this website a lot. I use it every time I travel, and I find it extremely helpful when it comes to meeting new places. The reviews there are usually taken very seriously, and it is nice to be able to explore your options based in other people’s experiences. But at the same time I do think one should be open to always try to experience new places and make our own minds about them


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