Tumblr: Endless conversations

Hi there! Today I am going to share with you something you already know about, but may not have thought about how this makes you a media producer too! This is Tumblr, a stream of endless conversations. What is Tumblr? Tumblr is part micro-blogging, part-social networking. Before social media, there were the big old chunky blogs and amidst this shift was the advent of Tumblr. It enables you to share media effortlessly be it a picture, gif, poetry or as creative as you can be. Tumblr is not Facebook, it is not WordPress either. It is where you share something quick and this sets off the cycle of re-blogs and notes and CONVERSATION!

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What makes Tumblr special, is that it is a thread. You make a post, and then there is a comment from someone half way around the world; and then there is a follow up to that comment, perhaps a defense. The end result is a a piece of media with text, images, gifs or videos that are mutually co-created by the virtual world and its audience. The popularity of Tumblr lies in the fact that it enables its audience to shape the media it consumes. I invite you to go through the images aboveĀ and experience for yourself how the audience shapes and creates content on Tumblr.

As you might notice, a Tumblr post is a basic conversation, but among million of its followers. These are people to either share the content or contribute to it. When people contribute to it, Tumblr plays the role of micro-blogging and when they share it, it becomes a social networking site. Audience participation is a key concept in Tumblr since these notes or comments from people generate more stories and more content. This attracts other people to share their opinions, often to add context and humour. Hence, people start interacting among each other, sharing ideas and discussing common themes. This symbiotic relationship on internet fuses the audience and producer into one media junkie where the audience becomes the media producer. Tumblr operates on the concept of engaging more and more of its audience and integrating them into the larger community. It is very popular among teens and young adults, perhaps before they move on to Reddit!

-Rituja Rao



  1. When you write about the users being the “people to either share the content or contribute to it” I can’t help but think that something like tumblr wouldn’t exist at all without its audience. It presents the opportunity to engage with people’s opinions from all over the world and is a good place to learn. A co-creation from people all over the world is a diverse tool to learning that we can’t obtain anywhere else. Very nice topic choice!


  2. I think this is a great example of audience participation through blogging. Tumblr has produced a platform that helps many meet people who have the same niche interests as one another, at least that’s what I’ve seen from this platform. But, it doesn’t just stop at online conversation or re-blogging, many who participate in this website also go to ‘Tumblr meet ups’, where this community are able to expand and meet people face to face and allowed many to make great friends from all over the world. Without the participation of it’s audience, Tumblr would not exist or allow these niche groups to feel as if they have a sense of community.


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