Twitter was launched in March 2006, which was a new exciting social media platform that allowed users to follow celebrities, post short updates on what they are doing, and to upload imagery. It was different to Facebook in the way that users were not able to post long statuses and comment on posts. Although twitter launched the Retweet button which allows audiences to republish other peoples content onto their feed.

The reason why I choose twitter as being a site in which allows audiences to participate, is due to the hashtag option on twitter. The hashtag is way of connecting all audiences together in specific topics or events that are happening. For example, if the Olympics were on there may be a hashtag #rio2016, in which allows audience to talk and engage about what’s going on. Audiences can join together to ensure that their stories, issues or events are on the trending page.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 22.44.52

As you can see from the image above, twitter allows users to search for things that are happening in the current time that users can upload. This allows people to connect and talk about these issues.  The bottom part also shows you the United Kingdom trends that are in the current moment of time. To conclude I think Twitter is a great way of allowing audience to engage and participate with current topics, issues, and more.


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  1. The hashtag has become such an integral part of the online community that other social media sites have also incorporated it for the same reason – it also communication and social audience participation. Another note about Twitter being a platform where the content is shaped by the audience is the tweets themselves. If the users did not tweet there would be no content and subsequently no Twitter as a social media platform. For Twitter, like all social media platforms, it needs users and participants in order for it to work.



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