Yahoo! Answers

When I read “Audience Participation” my mind went straight to a site that I believe each of us has visited at least once: Yahoo Answer []. As many of you might know, Yahoo! Answer is a community-driven question-and-answer site. It was launched by Yahoo in 2005 and nowadays operates in 12 different languages. It allows users to submit any sort of question and to answer them. It is enough to register with an account on the site and it is possible to actively participate asking and/or answering questions. On its home page there is a list of the question categories, from where it is possible to realise the wide variety of issues it is possible to submit: business, health, home and garden, environment, society and culture, science… and many more.

It is all driven by people and for this I believe it is a successful example of content shaped by the audience. Its moderation is managed by Yahoo Team, but all the contents are from the users, that are not just readers but active participators of the site itself. Each question become like a little blog where people share their knowledge regarding a certain matter and without users participation it basically could not exist.



  1. I find it interesting that on sites like this one, it wouldn’t exist without an audience. We don’t realize as users always that the content we read could be from other human beings, just like us, who have actually experienced what we ask about and can give advice based on their past. The point you have made about the different languages offered amazes me, I hadn’t thought of that before. It is so extensive how people can help others through media.

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  2. I think that Yahoo answers can be a very handy website. People normally use this kind of online content when google doesn’t offer that much information or when they are lost. For example when i get my phone broken and don’t know how to fix it or when you don’t know how to use an effect in photoshop. This blogs are so handy as everybody is able to give their own opinions so we are able to compare their comments and decide what to do.

    I do think that it is a must that these blogs have professionals regulating the content and checking if the information is trustworthy or not. If not we could just be reading a lot of vague invalid ideas.

    It is fascinating how the Internet world has changed so much. Now ordinary people like us are able to control websites and have our say in so many different ways. Whereas the Internet in the past was something only for academics or militaries.

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  3. Definitely a great example of user content platform. Yahoo Answers just wouldn’t exist without people who have questions to ask and people who are available to answer and to help.
    The only weakness about it is whether the information provided on the answers is reliable.
    When it comes to health questions, for example, people often answer based only on their personal experiences. Many times, it’s better to look straight for professionals.
    However, I must say that when I look for answers about something I’m worried about or just curious about, the first webpage I go for is Yahoo Answers. Nice post!!!


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