A YouTuber and her friend-audience

A girl that teaches how to use a reusable menstrual cup, persuasively explains why eating chocolate is not fattening, reveals the most intimate secrets of women, discusses misunderstandings in relationships and also dances, sings, uses swear words, talks about sex and has an interesting feminist approach.

This is Julia Tolezani, a 23-year-old Brazilian girl who stands in front of a camera, at home, often with unwashed dishes behind her and talks about anything she considers interesting, relevant and, at the same time, fun. The well-known YouTuber in Brazil has more than 700 thousand subscriptions in her channel “Jout Jout, Prazer” with some videos reaching more than 1 million views.

Apart from her videos that revolves around topics where someone suggests her on social media, Julia created a type of video in which she would answer some questions from the countless she daily receives. Successfully, she has been receiving e-mails and messages from fans with confessions followed by advice’s requests, and a range of questions about her personal life and about the issues she raises.

She selects some random questions –probably the interesting ones for her to reply– that people ask her on Facebook, on Twitter or by e-mail, and she spends the whole video answering them. As a result, Julia enables her viewers to feel closer to her. Also, the picked up questions often appear print screened in her video.

Julia answering and discussing about questions posted on her Facebook’s timeline.  

Captura de Tela 2016-02-22 às 21.10.42

Julia with her homossexual friend, invited to help her in answering some questions, doubts and curiosities about the LGBT community.

This video format can promote, mainly on the viewer she replied to, a feeling of importance and care by the YouTuber. Besides that, through her answers, her audience might refer to Julia just as an ordinary person as anyone else watching is. Although it is usually a YouTuber’s characteristic, it not only reduces, but also fortifies the bridge between her and the audience.

Cecília Parreira


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