And who would not ♡ it?

❛ Spread kindness.❜

One quote. Two words. A powerful boost of motivation, inspiration and aspiration for today. Or simply put Weheartit.

The Internet is a digitalised jungle. We all know that. But we have also learned how to ‘tame’ it. Whether we are talking about Dear Photograph – a website which encourages its users to take a picture of a photography from the past in the same place it was previously shot, StumbleUpon – a discovery engine ‘stumbling upon’ the most interesting things across the Internet or Spotify – one of the world’s largest collection of songs and playlists, anyone accessing the Internet has already mapped out one’s favourite ‘virtual spots’. In my case, Weheartit is my little happy place.

Weheartit is an image-based social networking where users across the world upload and ‘heart’ (share) each other’s pictures, subsequently including them in extensive personalised collections. In this visually stimulative oasis, the images are the prime material used for communication. Behind each ‘colourful words’ displayed on the website, there is a person.

Might one be a classy buffoon bringing a smile on your face:


…. a close friend who knows your BIG dreams:

large (3).jpg

… or a wise men reminding you to love life again:

large (1).jpg

They are all people. They are all pictures. They are all WeheartitThe audience is the only contributor to the website and it is generating the daily stream of content displayed on the website. Without it, Weheartit would be only a black canvas.

As a website entirely based on its user-generated content,Weheartit is powerfully shaped by its users interests, emotions, passions, moods etc. One day, the content might be predominantly fashion focused, the next day it might flooded in inspirational quotes and the day after that, it might be an exhibition of art or a parade of fine architecture. Another implication of this monopolising audience participation is the fact that pictures are not always of the best possible quality. In the absence of a professional managing the content uploaded, all types of pictures slip on the Weheartit canvas. But, would that stop you from happy ‘hearting’? I doubt that. On the other side of the coin, particularly this lack of the administrative implication means diversity when it comes to images. Having people from various cultural backgrounds who are sharing pictures from all over the globe on the same website sounds like Weheartit is a live human encyclopedia, right?

Have you used Weheartit before? If yes, then let me know how do you feel about this user-generated content.




  1. I have never heard or visited Weheartit before. I am curious to know if because there is a lack of administration there is a lack of censorship and reporting options? Many user-generated sites offer multiple different ways to contact and make reports to administration to keep the sites safe and acceptable for everyone to use. Also, are their ads on this site? Because Weheartit is strictly user-generated, it must force the creators to sell space or sponsored posts?

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    • To answer to your question, the website has its own policies which need to be respected. As a result, you can still report a user (for nudity, sensitive, racist or discriminative content etc.), or simply block it. Also, you can choose to have your content filtered. By turning on or off the ‘mature filter’ you forbid or allow unmoderated images to pop-up on the website. At the moment, WeHeartIt offers an add-free experience.


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