Blog Post #4 – Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Jimmy Kimmel Live)


When first given the topic for this blog post I Immediately thought of The Jimmy Kimmel Show. The Jimmy Kimmel Show is an american talk show that is broadcast live. It has many segments to the show that they then upload to YouTube that get millions of views, one of these segments is called ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’. This is where they get a bunch of celebrities to sit in front of a camera and read a mean tweet that someone from the public has written about them and then we see there reaction to this. This is a really good example of audience participation, for example we have been tweeting for many years now and we say stuff about celebrities that we never in a million years think they will see, however this segment shocked a lot of people and I feel even though its meant to be funny and a joke it wakes the audience up into thinking what they write on social media and that anyone can see it. The audience play a very big part in this segment as they are the ones writing the tweets about the celebrities. Social Media plays a big part with audience participation in american shows now days, another example would be the Ellen Show where she gets people in the audiences embarrassing photos on Facebook and shares them for the world to see. I think this shows how audience participation has changed in this digital age where social media plays such a big part, it teaches us that nothing is private and it can be shared to millions on TV and YouTube in the matter of hours.


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