Do it for the Vine!

After reading this week’s tittle, I started to think about the different platforms I use on a daily basis, but nothing seemed to fit for this blog post. And after a while it hit me. Audience participation can either make or break a website, but when this involvement occurs not only with opinions, but in the content, that is when a website can really make it big. And what better example of content made by the audience than the hilarious Vine?

This video sharing platform was launched in January 2013, and became popular to a worldwide scale incredibly quickly thanks to the support and link from Twitter. This website consists of users sharing six second long looping videos recorded and edited directly on the app, and these can be liked, commented and ‘revined’ by other users. The impact this platform has had on the Internet has been so big that this has become a new way of achieving public recognition, or how it is known, to be ‘Vine Famous’. A variety of new entertainment personalities have surfaced thanks to this website, and in the last three years it has been completely driven to success by their millions of audience members with the famous line “do it for the Vine

-Patricia Sanchez



  1. It’s interesting to think such a simple idea such as making a 7 second video that replays would be such a huge success. It would seem to be that the Vines that I have seen that are the most popular would most definitely be comedy, this therefore makes it difficult for businesses to use this platform for recognition. We know businesses love using Facebook and Twitter for publicity and PR, is Vine the new ever-expanding social Media platform that businesses can’t use effectively for their benefit?

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  2. As a Vine user I totally agree with you! We, the audience, are the ones, who decide what is funny and sharable. And once we do it, not only the famous ‘viners’, but also all other users start to do short videos on this trendy topic in their own unique way. By inspiring one another, the viners have significantly influenced the content of this app.
    The audience is the reason for Vine’s popularity. Because of the audience Vine is what it is now.

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  3. While the audience shapes the content displayed on the Vine, in return, the website has shaped the way we watch videos online. Vine proposes a 6 seconds micro-video unaltered by any filters or edits and puts the creator under the pressure of delivering only the essential information within it. Considering this, the user-generated content is more likely to be of a significantly higher quality, offering a more authentic and real experience to its audience. So keep doing it for the Vine! I am having fun watching it!

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