An anonymous review site for employees and former employees can rate the management and their experience at companies. Other than the general company information, the entire site is created by reviews and ratings.

Each company’s page includes quantitative ratings on:

– Overall Ratings

-Recommend to a Friend

-Approval of CEO

This is a great website to use as up and coming professionals in the business world because it provides a greater look into the company’s inner workings. Beware, the site does not require any of your information when writing a review. This means anyone can make any claims they want about the companies. Some people have had excellent experiences while others have had horrible ones. User-generated sites content needs to be taken with a grain of salt, unless there is mass data to prove the points.

The reason the website is called “glassdoor” is because it is supposed to be giving the general population an inside look into internal corporate relations and conditions. Other than the company’s general functions, the site also offers reviews on certain job positions, salaries and interviews.

Without the audience participation, glassdoor would be non-existent because of its reliance on reviews to create ratings on different aspects of companies. This makes for a highly interactive site that is full of resources for job-seekers like you! Check it out: 2


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