Let’s start a Twitter Mob.

Most Social media site’s biggest component is audience participation. The site in particular I want to focus on is Twitter. 

Twitter has more than 100 million users and only launched in 2006. By March 2011, there was about 140 million tweets being posted daily. Not unlike most social media sites, without the users the application would’t have much to offer. Twitter does have news and information built into the App now, with most magazines and news outlets having their own accounts but the information they post isn’t exclusive to twitter. For example people are always going to want to read the news and twitter probably isn’t the first place they ooh for it, even though it is becoming more popular. I believe this example of news outlets use twitter as self promotion and advertising. If we took these news profiles and advertisements away we would still be left with lots of tweeters. 

Therefor the driving force behind Twitter are the ‘Amateurs’  the people who tweet everyday, the people who tweet their lunch. The audience participation is what makes the website what it is. As a tweeter you can use Hashtags to start your own Twitter Mob (not that you would want to)  try and talk to your favourite Kardashian and even promote yourself on a professional networking platform.  kliom




  1. Eliza, Twitter is a perfect example of a user-generated site because there are no features offered specifically from Twitter as you mentioned. Everyone has their own account, whether it be professional or personal. Personally, I use Twitter to keep up with my friends and to stay updated on the news from different publications in different countries. The best thing about it is the limitation on characters to create quick and easy readings. To me, the idea of a site that offers nothing to you other than a 140 character limit space to share with the world is amazing. The space is a never-ending conversation room which is what we always are looking for. A new means of communication. No wonder it’s so successful!


  2. Twitter has become more advanced than YouTube in the way it can spread something around the world in the matter of minutes. It has become a platform where we can get the news instantly, like you said about amateurs being the main part of Twitter. It’s usually the amateurs that tell people the news but in a less formal and easier way. I feel the audience participation on Twitter over shadows all the professional Twitter accounts.


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