Obsessed with Insta..

There are hundreds of sites today that are generated by user content, it seems the norm. The site I am going to be talking about is Instagram, I’m pretty sure almost everyone that owns a smart phone has their own Insta page, whether it be a personal page or one to promote their work.


Instagram allows us to share any picture we want at any time tagging anything and everything we can to get more views. We decide what goes on the site and people see, therefore we are the producers of the content. Instagram can be used for fun and also for work; many people that have become well known from Youtube use Instagram as another platform to promote. Accounts are also used as ‘fitspo’ insprations and for foodies.

There user generated sites can then lead to user generated campaigns and these can create a better outcome than a corporation run campaign and more often than not there is already a huge following and users are aware of people involved through the use of this platform.

However promoting yourself on a user generated site is good fun and can provide you with that boost in career or even confidence but it can have negative impacts. People can pose as someone they’re not. A question that comes to mind when I think of user generated sites is; are they creating a false society? Our lives basically evolve around these sites and we believe what we see, wish we had the life of the person we are following, and get annoyed when we don’t get the views or likes we set out for?! So do these sites have a positive or negative impact on our lives today?



  1. Instagram has been a recent favourite social media platform. Although I think in a way it is sad that we have to use hashtags and more to promote our selfs and to ensure that we get more likes on our photos. I think that people on Instagram are more aware about attention from others compared to sites like twitter, where it is not as much about how many favourites you get on a blog post. I think instagram is a great example of a platform that allows users to upload and create content. Answering your question about if instagram has positive or negative impacts on our lives, i believe it has a negative, we now are more aware of our social status, having to look good to ensure we get the most likes.


  2. Instagram is one of my favourite social media and the one I check every morning, right after I wake up. I don’t just use it to upload photos and stalk my friends, but also to follow my favourite celebrities, as well as the latest fashion trends.
    However, there are people who use Instagram, as you said, to promote their business or even theirselves. There are, in fact, many girls, who have been discovered through Instagram and now earn money by posting photos. The problem here is that they are paid to go to nice places and wear expensive clothes and look extremely happy.. when they are not. This makes all other ‘ordinary’ girls, desire to become these “happy, beautiful girls with a perfect life”. This causes a lot of stress and tension and sometimes leads to depression.
    Here is the real (very interesting) story of a girl who had too much of this ‘perfect life’ and the “the ugly truth behind social media fame” :


  3. I opened my own Instagram page when I was 16. I really wanted to see what it is like – to gain likes and to become popular in one particular social media (oh, and I also liked the filters – they were pretty cool back then). However, I never really experienced that, and now I understand that it is not even necessary – I post things on my Instagram now for fun, not for fame, likes or anything else. Of course, hashtags and “challenges” on Instagram might seem to be changing the society or, as you said, creating a false one, but as long as there are people who are not that serious about all of this fuss, I don’t think the society will be changing radically.


  4. I think you make a good point about a “false society”. There’s the discussion at the moment that people only show certain aspects of their lives in order to appear different, whether that’s a good or bad thing is debatable. Also what I think is interesting in terms of audience participation and Instagram is that the comments that users can leave on other users’ posts, some can be positive and others can be negative.


  5. I have never thought about social media as user generated platforms! The approach you used made me think more about it, as when we are scrolling down the Instagram feed, for example, we’re only looking at pictures and contents which were created and/or modified by the users –who are often our friends, brands and bloggers we like and follow, etc.
    This last point you raised is also something really interesting and a topic that can create a huge debate in many angles: even posting only contents created by us, sometimes we can be creating something superficial and false. Social media in general, in my point of view, have this characteristic of showing only a superficial side of life, because we want to look the best we can on these platforms. However, if you keep your personal relationships and don’t give up on face-to-face conversations and meetings, for example, I believe that social media do a lot to benefit us. It can be something to help us keep in contact with friends. But definitely, on Instagram we create a new community that is parallel from our “real life”.

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