Reviews For Rewards.

Websites like ‘Tolula’ and ‘UserTesting’ are online reviewing websites that swap small rewards for the masses and consumers opinion on the products they provide. They are test and survey research suppliers for many of the big products we use in day to day life. They are essentially put into place to ‘shape our future products’, as they like to put it, and gain the most concise opinion possible so they’re able to obtain information on what the public likes, and is able to distribute that, in return for small rewards such as everyday cosmetics, or even $10 paid into your Paypal account every time you complete a test. Audience interaction is the whole heart and essence of these reviewing websites. And with eight million users on UserTesting alone, without consumers or participants they’re not able to set out and complete what their aim is or to even make a profit on their own website or products. This website is a prime example of audience participation and the amount of contribution that the public or ‘consumers’ put into the development and production of products that are on your computer or in your cupboards, from new technology to chocolate bars, the ‘consumers’ have a giant influence on how these products are produced, what they look like and even what they taste like. So, are we really consumers? or are we really the key contributors to the production of most products we see and use on a daily basis?

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– Jed Colman.



  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to this! This is a marvellous example of audience participation is turning them into media producers. This example very categorically falls under PR and advertising, and what’s more democratic than this. Unlike Wikipedia, in this example, the audience’s participation is reliable since it is personal yet subjective. This highlight s a crucial point, can audience be trusted to testify to facts or to claim facts themselves? (While you think about this, I am going to make some quick bucks on Usertesting)

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  2. This is a good example of how an audience can shape the content of a site. In this instance, unlike platforms such as Youtube and Twitter, the consumers are not physically producing the product, but instead giving their opinions on the product and how to make it better. I like that there is a site specifically dedicated to user testing of products – people can review products on Youtube, and post their opinions on Twitter, but their views are unlikely to be heard because advertisers won’t be using these platforms to hunt out specific reviews on their products.

    I find your point about whether we are the key contributors to the products we use interesting – if we are reviewing the products and telling marketers how to change them, perhaps we, as the audience, play the most significant role in the making of these products.


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