Wattpad !

I I am part of an online community called Wattpad, this site allows individuals from around the globe to create and share stories ranging from different genres such as romance, horror and adventure. Around 40 million individuals have joined this website, and this is because their able to express themselves through their writing. Wattpad takes everything you love about storytelling and turns it into a social, on the go experience, and this is because not only do they have a website but they also have an app too, which makes it easier for me to access the stories anywhere and everywhere.

 The readers play a massive role in shaping the stories that I read, this because on the app there is a comment section where readers are able to share their thoughts and opinions about a particular story, this is not only just entertainment for the readers but it also helps the writer, this is because they can look at the comments and see whether or not the readers like the direction of where the story is going in and maybe get some inspiration. The app also allows the readers to vote for their favourite story and share it across multiple media platforms such as Facebook.

What makes this website, even more amazing is the exposure writers get from the comments, likes and shares, this has played a significant role in many of the writers as they have managed to publish their books on sites such as amazon through crowd funding. And being noticed by very influential Publishers.





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