We control Facebook

Social Media websites that are used by a large proportion of the country on a daily basis is a prime example of content that is shaped purely by the audience. If we take Facebook, you as the user have control on who you are friends with and which pages you follow, whether that be a celebrity or a news station. While other social networking sites such as YouTube, you are only able to post videos. Facebook is a platform that includes all types of social networking. Videos, blogs, news, businesses and so on. All of the content that we see on Facebook is developed and published by us, the users. If you were to see a post you find disturbing or not interesting to you, you can hide the post from showing up on your timeline and Facebook takes into account the types of posts you do not wish to see, in an attempt to maximize the user experience.

Because Facebook is used by so many and is a business in itself, they are keen to receive and analyse user feedback so they can improve, so that they can ultimately perfect the users experience. If Facebook didn’t analyse feedback and didn’t control the posts you see or do not wish to see, there is be decline in users and without the users, there is no website. So in a way, we as the users control Facebook to the content we are subject too, and what also makes that even more impressive, is that we can individually control it.

Lewis King


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