We Heart It. We create it


In my opinion, the content of each social network is shaped mostly by it’s users. Without us, the audience, neither Twitter nor Facebook would be what they are now. The same applies for all other social media – YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, MySpace, Vine and so on. But as my example I want to use one very popular, but not so typical. 

We Heart It? We Don’t Know It.. 

We Heart It is your home for inspiring images and the people who heart them.
WeHeartIt is an image-based social network,which allows people to upload, find, “heart” and collect their favourite images. Although it is launched eight years ago you may not use it, especially if you are a boy. WeHearIt’s target audience is mostly teenage girls. After all, it is easy to notice the ‘girly’ design. There is, however, something for everyone. There are millions of images covering: art, design, cars, fashion, animals, fitness, quotes and so on.


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The Content? We Create It!

Fabio Giolito may have created WeHeartIt, but the platform is what it is, thanks to it’s 40million users. They are the ones, who upload images, create collections and so on. This only shows how significant is our impact on the social networks, which we use. Without us they are just good ideas.
So.. Thank you Fabio Giolito for the idea, and thank you people for creating such a nice social media!

WeHeartIt offers its users an image for every situation and every taste.
Don’t be sceptic.
Give it a try!



  1. I agree that the development of social media would not have been as successful if it wasn’t for audience participation – without us there would be no content.

    We Heart It is a great example of how audience participation has significantly shaped the content within the site. This could have been a platform where the pictures are provided and we simply ‘heart’ the picture, but having us upload the content ourselves makes the site much more personal and enjoyable. We can also choose the type of photos we wish to view, which is another way in which We Heart It is personal to us.

    It would be interesting to see what would happen to this site if it became something we as the consumers had to pay for, or if privacy settings were intensified. In my opinion, it would not be nearly as popular – the easy access and lack of cost may be a huge part of what makes this site popular.


  2. Absolutely! Everything that exists there is due to audience participation and it is a clear example of how huge can something become if shaped by us, the people. Not to mention that it’s become one of the greatest online platforms to search for inspiration.


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