Youtube: Whats Trending ?

yt_1200-vfl4c3t0kWhen I thought about this weeks blog post I thought instantly of Youtube and the trending bar that it has on the side of its site. I think that we as the audience have a lot of power when it comes to what is trending, and because of our views and the comments that we may post it can create a world wide debate at times where the comment section leads to a big debate.

I wanted to discuss a topic that was trending on Youtube  yesterday regarding how MAC cosmetics posted a picture of a black woman with full lips on their page advertising one of their lipsticks. The picture received a lot of hate and racist comments and it was interesting to see how some of the comments got attention for their explicitly racist and offensive comments.

The audience being the people who commented on the post participated in making the picture gain attention, although the subject matter was harsh the significance of the audience participation allowed for a wider discussion on how black women’s features are scrutinized but when black features are on ‘celebrities’ such as Kylie Jenner she is celebrated and praised for having fake lips. Double standards ?

Take a look at this video where an online news channel discuss the matter.

By Demi Bailey-Paul


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  1. I also saw this picture trending on social media , it disgusted me how this women was abused for having big lips but yet kylie jenner is praised for imitating the same features , that black women are bullied relentlessly for. However even though a few comments on the instagram was quite negative , other individuals managed to turn this situation into a positive statement , by sharing the image across different social media platforms and encouraging other women who have big lips that they too can rock Mac products.

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