Busuu Online Community


Busuu is the largest worldwide social community for independent language learning. Through an online website and an app, it offers access to audio-visual content and exercises in 12 languages. Busuu offers all four language learning skills : Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing from beginner to advanced level. The content is offered in a free version and a premium version, so they can get to different audiences with different incomes. In addition, Busuu offers chats with native speakers from all over the world. This way people get to know other people and they are able to talk in the languages they are learning making new friends.

Busuu has levels of language knowledge so everytime the user achieves a new level, the app awards them with an accolade, as an acknowledgement of their progress to keep the users motivated. This virtual community was launched in 2008 and has 12million users already.

I think that the Busuu method is highly beneficial because it gives you the chance of learning a new language. Also, they are the only language platform in the world that allows users to talk to native speakers in a very easy way. In addition, they provide personalised feedback on exercises to facilitate understanding. However, learning a new language by yourself can be very hard as you need to be very constant and responsible to do it everyday during your free time, if not is impossible. Do you think so? Do you feel confident enough to learn a language by yourselves?

I invite you to have a look and try to learn a new language for free! It will always look good in your CV’s.



Elena Munoz




  1. This is a nice example! I really want to improve my English and try a new language. But because I am too lazy to go out..I give it up.. Maybe online teaching is a good idea! And the native speaker is the point which is very attractive. Thanks for this recommendation.


  2. Great example to online community! I didn’t know about Busuu and I believe it can be a great way to learn a new language. When I fist moved to London I couldn’t speak English well and I learnt it working here and speaking with people mostly, I never really attended a course or similar to improve it. I believe that learning a language by yourself is then possible and for sure an online community like this can help a lot on this. I am now interested in improving my French and my Spanish, so thank you a lot for bringing this to my attention!


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