The student room

I believe most of us are familiar with the student room. The biggest student online community for people to exchange their study tips and life experience.


Besides the study tips, there are several blocks to explore. Members of the student room can benefit from the blogs about academic knowledge, university information or even job guide. The platform also provides opportunities for students to get a job. Therefore, I believe it is a quite useful online community for students, especially the seniors.

As the largest student community in the world, one features the student room has is that people can talk freely. It is very common to see people asking about the questions like “What ended your last relationship?” or “How to deal with the housemate problem?” Actually, it is a big advantage to attract people to join this community. However, sometimes there are extremists hide behind. They will post some blogs to instigate student to take part in terrorist activities. And the site has no idea to avoid this problem. Furthermore, the atmosphere of study is not that good. Students always flaunt their GCSE and A-Level grades.

To sum up, there are loads of information in the student room. To keep our mind critically and choose the useful information you need.








  1. Hello Mengyu, I think that your example is very original. It is very often that students are lost before starting university. These students come from abroad, have never been at University before and they have so many things to change in their lives. So in my opinion being part of a student community like Student Room can really help as this way students are able to judge themselves what others say and experiment after. It is also very good to follow other peoples steps and hear their experiences. However I do not think that these communities are beneficial in every way. If everything is online in chats, it is very difficult to check if the information is trustworthy or not. It can also lead to frauds, and scams as everybody can comment and we never know who is behind the screen. It is always good to have freedom of expression but in this type of online communities it would be good to have some kind of comment regulation to avoid inappropriate information.

    Alternatively I would look for guidance in the University website, ask professionals for advice and maybe try to talk to the Student Union as I am sure they will reply and know what to do. Westminster also offers life chats that are answered by University staff. I invite you to have a look.

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  2. I have used the Student room in the past on many occasions, and have loved using this site. Firstly because you get to compare your thoughts and feelings with others on the site who are in the same situation as you. As-well as this it gave me great help in university tips before coming for example, what to expect with certain things including halls, the course and hearing someones opinion on something will help you.

    I do think this is a great example, thank-you


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