It is not about selfies. It is about support

I would like to draw the attention to one of the biggest online communities – TwitterThe are many other popular and not-so-popular virtual communities. I, however, chose this one, because I want to reinterpret a well-known platform in a different light.

Twitter may be just one of the many social media, but it stands out with it’s role of a news generator. Whenever and wherever something happens, it appears on Twitter and reaches billions of people worldwide, unbelievably fast. But it does not just inform people, it could also make them unite and support each other.
A good example for this are the Paris attacks from last year. Less than an hour after the horror began, the whole world knew about it (in details) thanks to Twitter. Some of you will argue, that this is extrlemly unnecessary and even stupid in horrible situations like this. But you are wrong. Exactly this is the biggest advantage of social media’s significant power. How?  #PorteOuverte.
On that terrifying Friday night, all Parisians could do was letting strangers in their home. And Twitter helped them do it. People from France’s capital tweeted in French and English, adding their addresses and #PorteOuverte (meaning “open door”) to let others know, where there are safe places for them to go.

Twitter users in other countries also began using the hashtag to share their delight that social media was being used for a good cause. (NCBnews)

Believe or not, Twitter is not just another social media for funny cat videos and selfies. It is an online community, in which people can help and support each other. And the Paris attacks is just one of the proofs and examples.

So.. What do YOU use Twitter for?


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