Twitter Community

Online communities bring people with common interests to communicate and work together making it possible to pursue interests over time. These communities can be closed or open and users can decide whether they remain known or anonymous. Back when MSN was in its prime the communities were more self-contained as social media was not quite as advanced as it is today. It was as if we would rather just communicate with that one person privately however now we like to try our hardest to get our thoughts, pictures, and interests seen by everyone. We seem to rely on these online communities to be able to continue with our everyday lives.

Twitter is a community, which I think the majority of us as media students use almost everyday. Personally the first time I hear about something in the news will be from twitter due to the constant interactions from the community and the ‘hashtags’. I feel like twitter is one of the best online communities that we have around today as you do have the options to be private and also you get to choose everything you want to see on your feed. Not only celebs use it but also each media institution uses it also. It really is an immediate corporation that I feel keeps us up to date in one of the simplest ways possible.

To finish I will leave this quote from Jenny Preece, she describes online communities as ‘People, who interact socially as they strive to satisfy their own needs or perform special roles, such as leading or moderating.’ – what do you think?


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