7 cups of tea

7 Cups of tea is a fantastic website that allows users to connect with listeners online. The website is designed for users to chat directly to a listener who can help issues varying from depression, anxiety and many more issues. The site is described as a Online therapy and counselling service where the listeners, listen to problems, and share a listening ear to the person in need.

The listeners are online users who sign up to become a listener, they have to undertake a small online training course where they can be verified to be a listener (as you are dealing with people, who have hard hitting issues, it can be hard to help.)  This is a perfect example of an online community as the listeners and effected people who are using the chat can communicate one on one and also have the chance to join group chats. The listener can schedule appointments where people can speak to them directly when they are online so it gives people a chance to keep in contact.

The website is a great way of overcoming series mental issues and meet people who are in/ have been in the same situation as you and can help guide you through certain scenarios and issues you are facing in your life. This to me is the best online community on the web at this current time.


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