Blog Post #5 – Facebook


Facebook is one of the biggest social media websites of all time. A few years ago people thought that it was going to fade away like Bebo or My Space or get replaced by something bigger and better, however to this day it is still one of the biggest social media websites and growing. I think that Facebook is a really good community in the way that we are now all able to stay in contact with each other so easily, years ago School Reunions used to happen a lot however now days they don’t because people have Facebook and can see what there old friends are doing in a click of a button. Facebook has also became very useful in terms of texting, people text less now days as they have a separate app to communicate which is called ‘Messenger’ which is like the MSN of 2016.

By being apart of Facebook people have many benefits, for example if they post a status or picture then people will choose to like it. It’s almost like a game where people see who has the most likes and it’s actually an addictive feeling to try and get as many likes as possible for some people. Something that you cant do on Facebook is view certain people’s profiles even if you know them as most people have there settings on ‘Private’. So they would have to confirm your friend request for you to see there profile pictures and what they are doing. It’s also become like YouTube in a way because there are so many videos now days on Facebook.


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