Make everyday cooking fun!

When I talk about community I always picture a large group of people. So when I read this week’s topic I tried to find an online community that focused on one topic but that could be interesting and useful for a lot of people, something that was part of every day life. And what a better thing to talk about than food? Everyone loves food!

There are many websites that focus on sharing recipes, but I am focusing on one cooking site in particular: Cookpad, making everyday cooking fun!

This global online community dedicated to cooking lovers and food aficionados is accessible from all over the world with multiple languages available, and it allows its users to post recipes and pictures of the food they have made. For those who do not like to give their information online, the website still allows you to look recipes up without having to create an username! Its handy search bar gives you the option to search for a recipe according to the ingredients you have around your kitchen, or if you are determined to cook a particular dish, it gives you the opportunity to find the recipe by its name. So if you love cooking, don’t be afraid to get creative in the kitchen, try new dishes or even create your own and share it with this food lover community!



  1. I really like cooking and I am quite good at cooking Chinese food. I am interested in the western food such as baking! And this community just provide what I want. The ingredients and cooking methods are clearly listed. Maybe I will post my cuisine to teach the members how to cook Chinese food.


  2. Thank you for a great suggestion! I love cooking… and I can say I am quite good at it. I like to discover new recipes and for this I will enjoy a lot having a look at this community. I believe it is a great opportunity to can look at it, without registering in because it gives the possibility to first understand if it is the right community where to log in.


  3. I admit that the first time the word ‘cooking’ pop up, I stopped reading for a second. But then I realized this is exactly what I need: a community to teach me how to cook! Now, I feel like I have an entire army of cooks in my kitchen. Only I they do the job for me… Anyway, although cooking won’t become fun all of a sudden, at least it won’t be a painful activity anymore.


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