Online Dating.


Since the drastic surge of the web 2.0, in the last 20 years online dating has become an extremely prominent and well used form of online community, by people from an array of different walks of life. With around two thousand five hundred online dating websites, in the U.S alone, active at this present time such as ‘’ or ‘’, this massive community has millions of subscribers and members world wide. This form of community, although having a seemingly bad reputation at times, has become extremely popular among select age groups, mostly being from the ages of 18-24 (27%, which is nearly triple of what it was ten years ago!) and 35-44 being the prominent users of these websites that have been surging sky high in the last ten years. In the United States 59% of people believe ‘that online dating is a good way to meet people’. The stigma behind online dating that ‘people who use online dating sites are desperate’ has also decreased from 29% to 23%, showing how the increase of acceptance and popularity among these communities are becoming bigger and bigger.


This community has enabled people to access that seems as if it’s almost ‘practice’ for dating in the real world. Up to 60% of people who use these websites never actually meet face-to-face with the people they interact with, showing that this like a preparation for future dating technique. But I feel as if the two most popular age groups seem to be the ones that are most nervous about interaction with the other sex. There are even selective dating websites such as ‘’, were they choose whether you’re suitable for their community. Overall, this is a drastically growing form of online community that is becoming very popular and the norm in the publics eye. The question i would like to ask you is if you feel this is a healthy community that brings happiness to people? Or, do you feel that online dating websites could cause problems among select ages groups when it comes to confidence, or feel there are any other constraints that these communities provide?

Here’s some examples of these communities –

– Jed.





  1. Great post and great statistics. I believe that as media students it is important to analyse how the society changes in its relation with the internet and its tools. I believe that this statistics show us that the individuals in the society are changing, loosing the interpersonal relations in a traditional way to think them and relying always more and more on the internet, social media and communities like this. I am not saying it is a bad thing or a good one, it is just one way the world is changing. At the beginning, when online dating sites were born, people used to think that using them was expression of being desperate, but now the percentage of people who think this has decreased. I believe that this can be read as all the society rely more and more on the internet.

    To answer your questions I think that for sure this websites brought happiness to someone, but this doesn’t mean that everyone on this kind of community can find the love and be happy!
    For sure behind a computer display everyone can feel more confident, and this can be an advantage for a lot of shy people, but at the same time I think that to create a strong relation it is important to know each other in person!


  2. Great post! I agree that many people can find happiness through online dating sites – members are able to find people who share their interests and get in touch. Some people may just use these kind of sites as a way to talk to people they are interested in and gain confidence, and others may wish to meet up and start a relationship. Dating sites have clearly become more popular recently, which is shown through the emergence of Tinder and the new app ‘Happn’ – lots of people I know are members of these communities, and some are still in successful relationships with people they have met through one of these apps.

    Of course, a disadvantage to online dating sites and apps, like with any other online community, is that people can create fake profiles and pretend to be people they are not. With communities like Facebook, this may not be as much of a problem, as members tend to only speak to people they know. However, with online dating, people are intentionally looking to speak to strangers, so it is a risk that they may end up speaking to someone who is not who they say they are. Even so, I do think that online dating is a positive example of a community, and it is clear from the statistics you have provided that they are becoming increasingly popular!


  3. This is a really good post! I never thought of dating sites being an online community before but they are. I think that there are positives to this type of online community because it can bring happiness to the users and that’s a good thing. I think that, confidence-wise, it may be easier to meet and talk to people as you’re behind a screen and can take time to form a conversation. I thought it was interesting that 60% of people who use these websites never actually meet people face to face. Maybe this is related to confidence? Also, I think it’s really good how you added all the statistics into your post as well.


  4. I do agree with your point that there is a lot of negative thoughts about online dating and have been for years, however I feel as the years have passed we have become much more understanding of the process and it really is becoming the new way for the younger generation to meet people. For example dating app’s like tinder are huge today because of how simple and normal it is to use, people love the easy and simplicity of talking to a stranger.


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