Spotify: Music for Everyone

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming site that is free to all internet users. Unless of course you want to pay for the premium package to avoid the adds. By making an account, you have access to millions of songs and playlists within the community.

One of the major benefits of the site is that it allows you to log in with Facebook, automatically linking you to your Facebook friends who are also streaming the Spotify music.

Artists can also choose to have accounts on the site by contract to offer their tracks to millions of listeners. Spotify pays the artists base on their ‘market share’ and how many times their media is streamed in comparison to the total number of songs streamed on the service. This helps combat the piracy of music.

The last benefit of using Spotify is having the ability to share playlists and see what your friends are listening to. You can update what your listening to on Facebook and there is a live music bar on the right hand side of the program that gives you updates on what you’re friends are listening to right now. This promotes the exposure of different artists and connection to other people through music.

The downfalls to joining this community are that Spotify is only available when online. Through the premium account, you can download songs on playlists but otherwise you may find that you have limited access if you don’t always have access to the Internet.

Another limitation is there is no chat bar or inbox to directly send your friends songs or discuss recent music. This forces you to pay closer attention to the live feed and the activity tab if you want to discover more music and connect with your friends.

If you don’t already, would you use Spotify? Do you think there are better music-sharing

Feel free to check it out here:



  1. I hate this music streaming service , I believe sound cloud is a better streaming service. I found it extremely hard to navigate through Spotify , their was a lot of ad pop ups, which became very annoying as I couldn’t listen to my music without being disturbed or interrupted. Another negative is you can only skip through your playlist three times before the account then asks you to pay a minimum of £3.00 so you can skip your own songs ! After all of that struggle I decided I wouldn’t be using Spotify anymore and instead stick to sound cloud.

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  2. I love Spotify and had never considered the community aspect of it until now. All my friends are on spotify and I enjoy viewing the songs they’re listening to and when they comment on a song I’ve listened to and say they liked it I feel happy to have shared music. I consider music to be a big part of my everyday life, that being said I can see how the pop up ads and inability to select songs would grow irritating to the people who don’t pay for premie. It does create a community with the people who you follow and who follow you. When I meet someone who listens to the kind of music I enjoy I am instantly interested to learn more about them, maybe I’m not the only one.

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  3. As an every day Spotify user, I have to say that I have never considered it to be a community until now. But after reading this I see that it is a different and fun way to stay connected with people who have the same (or even different) musical taste than you do. The fact that you can share songs or playlists and discover new music everyday still amazes me!

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  4. As I’m writing these lines, I’m listening to a playlist on Spotify. Although I’m a quite new user, I can still say it offers an entirely new music experience. From the ‘Mood’, ‘Travel’ or ‘Sleep’ playlists, to the sidebar showing my friends activity, Spotify is from far my favourite music streaming service. As you’ve said, it’s a shame it doesn’t have a chat bar. It would make the experience more sociable.

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