Trip Advisor: The power of online communities

TripAdvisor is among the world’s largest online travel community with over 20 million monthly visitors to the popular online community, it effectively provides recommendations for hotels, resorts, inns, vacation packages and even travel guides.

What is effective about the website is that it allows its users to have the freedom of moving quickly from one category to another and this means that people have the freedom and are able to comment in different categories. What I find particularly interesting about the site is that it has a sense of togetherness and the way that people comment allows for a flow of conversation between the members.

I think the members benefit from the site because it allows users to post their experiences about tours, express opinions, recommend hotels, resorts, inns, vacations, travel packages, vacation packages, post questions and answer or advise other members of the forum. Users can also post photos and videos of their tours. So therefore the community of people has helped others have a good holiday experience due to the content that they are allowed to post.

You can say that the site itself is one of the most successful sights in engaging an online community of travellers. With the help of the rant or rave section it can literally determine a hotels reputation.

It’s strange how we as a community have so much power. What are your thoughts?

By Demi Bailey-Paul

trip advisor







  1. Usually I travel a lot (when I have time and, of course, money). TripAdvisor helped me so many times, and it’s probably number one source of information when it comes to choosing a hotel, a restaurant or just a local interesting place to visit in another country or town. I really love the fact that users have the opportunity to share their experience and rate different places to help others know if it’s worth it or not. I find online communities dedicated to traveling to be the most useful ones, because benefits from using them are the most obvious of all.

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  2. TripAdvisor is great example of an online community. I always use it if I’m planning on going somewhere new!A agree with your point that it’s the most successful website of a community of travelers as it’s certainly the only one I use

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  3. This is a brilliant example of a POSITIVE online community. The distinct feature of TripAdvisor which is the reason people trust this brand is that it is Real. TripAdvisor has verified users to are travellers with real experiences. It is even possible to contact them personally. These reviews are checked by the TripAdvisor team periodically. The business model of tripAdvisor is an inserting one. I have always wondered if it is based on quality or quantity. What do you think?

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  4. This is a great example of a online community that is purely there to help and advice people. The first thing we want to do when booking a holiday is to look up what people say about it, is it really what the picture looks like on the website? More and more people are using tripadvider before deciding where to go on holiday or on general days out and it has saved a lot of wasted days or holidays in that aspect.
    I think its great because people get to share there stories either positive or negative.

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