Wakie Up, Sleeping Beauty

Maybe enjoying too much the warm blankets in the morning? Or maybe feeling a little bit grumpy when having to leave your pillow? Well, I have the ultimate tip for you and it is called Wakie.

Designed as a social alarm clock, the app offers its members the possibility to set alarms and wake up each other with a one-minute long anonymous voice call. This makes from Wakie a community of 2 million people sharing the same snooze-button syndrome as you do. What is more, the members can choose a topic of interest for themselves and talk to a person with a similar interest up to five minutes.

But what makes Wakie so special among other online communities? Well, a ‘Good morning!’ call, as trivial as it sounds, can set your mood for the rest of the day. A little dose of enthusiasm and positivism in the morning can save you a lot of stress. And there are those five-minute long calls which can be anything from moments of inspiration, boosts of confidence or motivation to simple encouragements. It seems like Wakie can be truly awakening, right?

Because Wakie is a community of people helping people, there are several beneficial outcomes emerging from this participation. Its members enrich themselves with mutually shared life experiences, they start new friendships, or socialise and share their problems with each other. Sometimes a stranger is the listener you need the most.

However, there are certain limitations that come with the package. A problem would be the duration of the calls. Considering there are strangers talking with other strangers, they need more than five minutes to become comfortable with each other prior to any serious discussion. Also, it is challenging keeping a sleepy on the right track and avoid one to hung up the phone when getting a ‘Good morning’ call, isn’t it?

So, try it and if it does not work for you, at least you will have a funny story to tell.

Would you consider becoming part of such an unconventional community?




  1. This is definitely an interesting community, but I like it!

    This should be aimed solely at teenagers/students as we can all relate to the struggle in the mornings (Particularly after a night out).

    The only thing that stops me from signing up is simply the thought that talking to a complete stranger on the phone could be awkward. Or what if a stranger keeps ringing you?

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    • As I‘ve already said, the calls are anonymous and as long as you don’t set an alarm, you won’t receive none. To understand how it works: the app announces its users when someone needs a call, but without saying who is that person; a random users notices this and decides to accept the ‘challenge’ and calls that person; the call happens, everybody is happy and this is all! You won’t be bothered unless you provided that stranger with your phone number. Beside this, considering the large Wakie community, there is a very little chance to be called by the same stranger twice, isn’t it?


  2. I have never heard of ‘Wakie’ before and can’t say I’m surprised that it’s not common. This seems a little far fetched to be a community in my opinion but maybe that’s me being old fashioned? I think what really makes this group a community is that they share the common practice of oversleeping and have shared interest in being woken up to a voice of someone who shares the struggle. I think it is so cool that people are innovative enough to come up with ideas like this and make something out of them. I wonder how often people have good or poor experiences with this app.

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    • Wakie might have been mainly designed to be used as an alarm clock but it doesn’t stop there. It has a section called “Community” where users can interact with each other by posing and answering questions, or simply let other Wakie members know they are there. Another section offers users the chance to talk with each other based on the ‘call request’ they chose: “I feel blue; cheer me up”, “I want to practice my English” or “I want someone to wish me good night before I go to bed”, are just some of the options available. If you consider these, Wakie is pretty much a community.


  3. This is amazing!!! what an idea to have created! Helping wake up someone you don’t know in the morning! I’d love to have a go at this and have an anonymous call with someone in the morning to get me out of bed. Its a strange community to have created as is it just and audio community? can you connect with the people after you have had your wake up call?

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    • The app has also a section where Wakie members can talk with each other. You can pose a question there, answer the questions already asked or start a new topic about whatever you like. If you are wondering whether you can connect with the person you’ve just had your wake up call, unless you chose to share any contact information with that person, you can’t reach her or him again. After all, the calls are anonymous.


  4. I am about to download this on my phone right now. I am the worst when it comes to waking up in the morning and believe a call from a complete stranger would cause me to answer the phone and be alert because I don’t know what to expect. I also like the idea of a 5 minute phone call because an alarm goes off only for a moment and it is too easy to dose back off. I do feel that these phone calls could be a bit awkward as getting a conversation going in 5 minutes is a bit difficult, but the main reason is to wake you up. So, naturally, when we get uncomfortable our adrenaline starts pumping. This will certainly keep you from going back to sleep. Everyone on this site shares the same common problem of not being able to “rise and shine” so even if the conversation is meaningless, we’re all just trying to get up!

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  5. Never heard of this one, but it’s absolutely brilliant! I have a problem waking up in the morning, so this would be extremely useful for people who have the same issue as me. I’ve seen online communities created for people with common interests, but never with common problems. Getting it right now!

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  6. Rather surprised I must say! If 2 million people use it, I am sure this unconventional community must function. And I am sure they all have really great days. What makes this example a genuine one is the communal feeling for a common cause. This I believe is the foundation for any community, online or offline. The effect of Wakie could go beyond just the morning call. It could potentially be a social networking site or even a dating site! This again highlights a feature of a community, extended relationships among members of a community. This raises an important question, what is a community after all? While we try to answer that, I am going to go sign up!


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