WordPress Online Community

When we log onto our WordPress accounts, we are prompted to pick which site we want to be on (if you have more than one site). Each site indicates a different community one would find themselves in. In one of my WordPress communities I am given a topic to write about and expected to comment to two other posts. The other community I am a part of on WordPress is for a creative writing class where I can write whatever I want, whenever I want and some of my friends and family back home see my posts because they want to know what’s going on in my life while abroad. I think with a community such as WordPress we can even take a step back and look at it as a whole. Within the WordPress community there are tons of subgroups. People are given permission to follow topics and bloggers that interest them, giving bloggers the power to create their own communities through the topics they write about.


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 1.33.33 PM

Online groups can be considered communities because they display psychological and cultural qualities of real life communities we live in. They have shared space, practices, identity, resources and support, and interpersonal relationships. I think WordPress is a positive online community because people are allowed to personalize their content and specify what they want to consume. It isn’t a community that forces all to follow the same heard or divides anyone into a community that would make them feel alone. Challenges and limitations come in the form of controlling self expression. It is important that people can still be understood by their audience but also blogs are personal. Where the line is drawn could get confusing.



  1. I really liked your post about Word Press. I never thought to assume that it is actually an online community. It is interesting to think that on this course we are all sharing our thoughts and ideas on Word Press each week on a different topic, and being able to comment on other peoples works integrates us in to a shared community because we either understand what one person has written, or are curious to see some one else’s perspective.

    Its kinda cool when you think about it !


  2. This is a really interesting example of online communities. Before reading your post I didn’t really think of WordPress as being an important part of communication online. I like that you mention why, as consumers, we’re so interested in this online groups due to their “psychological and cultural qualities of real life communities we live in”. No one else has really gone into much depth about why we’re so intrigued in online communication. I also think your example of constraints is great, that many people are not able to express their emotions through online communication and that this can cause massive disfunction’s within these communities. Overall, a great example! Thanks for sharing this with us.


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