YouTube is a big part of my life and it makes me feel as if I am part of a big online community. YouTube allows me to watch and somewhat participate to a certain level in the Youtuber’s lives. This is because Vloggers and Youtuber’s make you feel as if their having an actual conversation with you, by asking questions like what do you think? And write your comments below? The comment section allows you to interact with them and other viewers as well , and sometimes they even respond which solidifies the fact that you feel like as if their your online best friend.

YouTube also acts as a support system, where people are able to share their feelings, thoughts and opinions , a good example of this would be a YouTuber that I currently follow called productjunkiexoxo , who is currently going through a divorce but yet chooses to share her life on social media , and the comments on her YouTube video are always filled with encouraging and inspiring words reminding her that things will get better. This is what I personally love about YouTube how individuals from different countries are able to come together and support one another.



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