YouTube Communities

Youtube, being one of the most visited websites in the world obviously has a large online community. However, it is not just one large community, youtube as a site is a hub for thousands of communities. Nowadays people tend to to go to Youtube to see the latest update from their favourite Youtubers, this makes them part of this youtube’s community. They watch and can interact with them or other people in this community though Youtube’s comment section.

The example of a Youtube community I have decided to use is a channel called ArsenalFanTV. Not only do I see it as a good example but as it’s a community of Arsenal fans, it’s filled with the best kind of people!


ArsenalFanTV is basically a visualised version of a message board or forum for Arsenal fans. It was set up by Arsenal season ticket holder, Robbie Lyle as a way for Arsenal fans to voice their opinions to other fans. After every game, he interviews a selection of fans outside the stadium to get their views on the match. After doing so the videos are uploaded to the channel and there tends to be debates within the comment section, usually about how right or wrong the interviewee’s views were! These videos have since created a few notable characters who reoccur every week to give their opinions, which creates a love/hate reaction from the community.

If you want to check out ArsenalFanTV, you can do so by clicking here! 


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