Ebscohost is a source I use often in my research at my home university and often times I come into contact with documents that will not allow me to have access without paying a fee and even then I will only have access for a short period of time. If these documents were shared with fewer restrictions under a Creative Commons License I would have had more support for my research and could have gotten the job done in less time with more supporting evidence. Advantages for authors to having strict control over their work is that people can’t steal It and take credit for their hard work however, if their work is too expensive and under recognized this may result in nobody knowing about their hard work in the first place. I wish their could be mutual respect amongst creators and borrowers that everyone acknowledged where work came from and gave credit where credit is due. It seems as though that would make the process of writing scholarly articles much easier. If we can all share ideas and develop off of each others, I think the capacity for growth is boundless. I understand the desire writers and creators have to protect their work but if they took on a different perspective, they may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


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  1. I, personally, wish that there was more free content online, which I can use for my research. It would be a great way to learn more and acquire useful knowledge. I also do respect the authors’ will to protect their work and would still put references, if the content was free and accessible.
    I fully agree with the advantages and disadvantages, which you have outlined! And as you said writers and creators should rethink this ‘protection’. By this way, the will not only give a chance to other people, but they will also have the opportunity to promote, as well as improve, their work. Thus, everyone profits.

    P.S.: The source you shared with us looks interesting and I may use it my next research. Thank you!


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