Online communities are of great interest to me because I like contemplating how it is that we find ourselves alone but together at the same time. As online networks grow and are traded in for real relationships, we still manage to feel as though we are apart of something even if it only exists in a digital world. Since coming abroad I have felt extra passionate about people who are constantly on their devices, posting and commenting, not realizing the damage happening to their physically relevant relationships. I understand keeping in contact with loved ones is important while far from home however I see a huge issue in sitting on the phone to stay connected to them while out for food or drinks with a group of new people, actually experiencing a similar world to the one you are. I appreciate many of the points brought to our attention during the lecture on “The Networked Self and Idea of Community” such as the concept of disembodiment meaning that going online means leaving our bodies behind. It offers the ability to create a sense of self through textual performance. I also like the idea of people presenting and negotiating their identity due to the ability to constantly self reflect and record ones life. I see the pros and cons to this idea. I think self-reflection is important and necessary to human development however I think social media has given us the power to become obsessive compulsive about how we used to be or who we need to become.



  1. Kika, this is a great point. I have also found it detrimental for people’s relationships when they are constantly glued to their phone. The internet has created a wonderful digital environment for us to connect with people overseas and learn new things. But a line must be drawn with its usage or else we will be so fully submerged in the digital world we will miss out on the real one. I agree that self reflection is the key to balancing these two worlds appropriately to get the most out of both of them.


  2. I agree with your post , I have also found it very interesting how people can be glued to their phones but yet , not interact with their friends in front of them. Individuals are becoming too lost in their phones and social media and are forgetting about living in the moment and forging friendships that could last for a very long time.


  3. I’ve also found interesting the concept of disembodiment. Going online and leaving our bodies behind means liberating ourselves from any constrains imposed by social or cultural circumstances. Our personality becomes more fluid and we tend to construct a new identity on the virtual realm. This identity can be better, worse or just real.


  4. I really like your post and your idea that the people who are constantly posting and commenting don’t realize damage happening to their physically relevant relationships. Actually, even people realize it majority will still keep on using their phone constantly other than fix the relationships.


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