Online Visibility

Online I assume I am more visible than I think I am. I have a profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress and Pinterest. The information about me varies depending on the site. LinkedIn in a website that I try to blend in with everyone else and don’t put much energy towards fancying up. Because I am not yet trying to enter the workforce and am not actively seeking a job, I do not express very much about myself on LinkedIn. My activity on Facebook has changed since becoming a study abroad student. I have gone through many phases of self-expression and friend acceptance on Facebook. In my teens, I accepted any friend request I received and would make albums of photos for the different experiences I had. Now I have put all those albums on private visibility so only I can see them. Periodically I will go through my friends and delete people I have no contact with or was never very close with. Sometimes when people make radical posts voicing their opinion inappropriately (in my opinion) I will unfriend them too because I don’t need to subconsciously absorb negativity that way. Instagram is where I allow a little more of my creativity to shine through. I enjoy the creativity of enhancing the quality of an image that means something, the capturing of a memory, to me. WordPress is my most vulnerable site because it is where I express thoughts I have that might not be similar to anyone else’s. I also don’t understand the settings to WordPress very well yet (I am new to the site) so I am sure more people can see it than I would like. It didn’t help that my sister had a proud moments and shared access to my blog on her Facebook Timeline… Pinterest is a website I used to use much more frequently than I do now. It gives others an idea of what I would have if I could live in a dream world and some quotes I find interesting. Other than that, it gives no indication into the type of person I am, the things I actually do or wear on a daily basis. It is a place to share ideas of beauty, decoration and dreams. Although all my sites are on private settings, I understand there are ways for that to be manipulated and even though I have the ability to deny people from following me, it doesn’t ensure their friends or someone else who does have access to my accounts won’t share access.


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  1. 5 or 6 years ago I used to accept everybody on Facebook too. The more friends, the better. However now i agree with you that I only want to have my close network in Facebook (friends and family). I want to be able to share everything I want without thinking what strangers would think about it.

    I think that a lot of people like us have strangers as friends in Facebook and they should go through their lists and delete the ones that they don’t have contact with anymore or simply don’t know.

    I invite you to have a look in this article as it is very interesting and shows that we do not need these many friends in Facebook. Scientists have shown that humans’ brains are capable of managing a maximum of just 150 friendships. Notice that the article is from 2010, back when we were accepting everybody as Facebook friends.


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