Is online visibility always negative?

When thinking about my online visibility it is so obvious that I’m easily visible to anyone that wanted to type my name into some form of media platform. It’s a scary thought that people can so easily access information of mine and find out so much about me that they probably would be able to create a fake account and pose as myself to others. I have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and on each of these sites I will share different types and amounts of information about myself.

However, saying I am very visible online, I do not share information on any media platform that cause pose a risk to myself. Its clear we need to be careful about what we post online as its either getting easier for people to find information or people are getting clever.

Online everything literally EVERYTHING is seen by someone or some media corporation. For example you could be online shopping then log into your Facebook or twitter and without even being completely aware. As we know they also use our information to advertise. The minute you set up a social account online, there is information that was once just yours is now everyone’s.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 18.25.01Although when we first think about online visibility we think of the dangers and the negatives of people being able to see your stuff, having a high visibility can also be positive and help to promote your work, start a career and make money. ‘Online Visibility’ is a site that helps to make yourself more visible and points out many of the positive aspects.





  1. I like how you have suggested how privacy online can be a good and a bad thing. You have suggested the different aspects of privacy. I think it is a good thing that you are not sharing this information on these social media sites, as i am not as it can be very dangerous. It does make you think how much of our privacy online is ‘private’ any more, I mean as you mentioned if adverts pop up once we have been on a site, then we have no privacy as to what we are viewing, watching or reading online. Thank-you for your blog post.


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