Online Privacy

I’m lucky (or unlucky!) to have an extremely common name so if you google it, millions of different people with my name will appear. I also pride myself in being quite private on Facebook. I hardly ever post updates and if I do they’re normally just photos. Although now I’m properly thinking about it, it does mean that there are 8 years worth of photos of me which sounds pretty scary. My account is completely private and can only be seen by friends and I never accept people I don’t know. I also regularly clean out my friends list of people I don’t need to be in contact with anymore. Overall I’m happy with the privacy of my Facebook. My twitter is a new account I have made for work purposes so it is really private and has hardly any information about me on it. I have a Linkedin from my previous jobs but it does not reveal too much. And I also have Instagram which is set to private. Overall I believe I’m not very visible online which is the way I like it.



  1. How often do you use your Facebook or Twitter? Do you have any other accounts? I find it interesting to learn that my colleagues do not like being visible online. Do you find that it is time consuming to always clean out your friends list? I personally find this something difficult to keep up with because I have so many friends on Facebook, going to my friends list and deleting people I am no longer acquainted with is too much work. I’ve done it many times and it is always frustrating and difficult to navigate. Do you think having online profiles is too much work when you are trying to be very private?


  2. I am the same as you, I have recently privatised many of my accounts that I had visable due to safety aspects of what can happen, after hearing stories in the past of dangerous internet predators I feel its a good think we have decided to be more private with our personal information.


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