Very easy to find me online!

I am quite visible and easy to find online. I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat…The other day I typed in my name in Google and I found in the images section all my Instagram pictures. So yes, I am very visible.

I would say Facebook is my private platform. In Facebook I normally post my opinions, locations, the travels I do, family pictures, pictures about nights out with friends and so on. I have my privacy settings on so that only my friends can see what I post because is very personal and I don’t want strangers to be able to see everything I do and think.

Regarding Instagram, I don’t have my information private because I don’t put personal comments, or tag friends. Is all about visual and sharing the creativity of pictures. I have chosen to share it with everybody because I like the free movement of pictures and enjoy seeing other people’s as well.

I also have Twitter but I only use it to see what politicians, journalists and important people write about. Also I get to read the news very easily. My Twitter account is also public and the kind of information I share is comments about businesses because they can see they are mentioned and maybe do something about it.

Regarding the other platforms, I do have profiles mostly to understand how they work as a PR practitioner in a future. PR and social media are very close nowadays.

I think that the information is under control as I can delete it whenever I want. Do you agree? I also don’t do anything wrong so there is no reason why somebody would get in and watch my information. Social media platforms are careful about keeping our information safe. However, we need to be careful too with what we share, there is always a limit. What would you say this limit is?


Elena Munoz


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