Online Visibility

I am very visible online. I am a public relations major and one of the most important components of job hunting is being transparent with your online profiles. Currently, you can find me fairly easily on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on Weebly with my online portfolio and personal study abroad blog. Most of these sites are connected for the purpose of accessibility.

I tend to post my personal views and things I find funny on Facebook, pictures from various outings on Instagram, news on Twitter and business information on LinkedIn. Most of these posts are re-posts made available by the other accounts I follow. For instance, I follow The New York Times, The Guardian and The Independent on Twitter to stay up-to-date on current events from home and London.

None of my posts are personalized, meaning they are shared with all of my friends/followers. Most of the information is in my control unless I am tagged in something. I have still not figured out how to change settings to require my approval before things are posted to my timeline or wall. This can make having a professional online presence a bit more difficult when your friends tag you in various drinking or crude humor videos.

Overall, keeping up these different accounts is demanding and difficult because it only takes the push of a button to create a social media disaster.

Try and find me, let me know if it was easy or difficult and if my profiles are easily linked!



  1. Hey Vicky! I can relate with you completely. I believe social media and online visibility have a growing professional relevance and as media students we need to keep this in mind. And when it comes to how easily someone can find you online, I would say it is fairly easy. But that’s the point, we (at least) I want to be found. In a professional sense, discoverable. Also, I want to let you know that you have categorised this post incorrectly. Change it to Online visibility. It is under online communities atm.

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