Blog Post #6 – Privacy

Social Media is strange when it comes to privacy settings because people are very particular as to what social media sites of theirs they have private and what they don’t. An example of this would be my own social media pages, for example I am very open when it comes to Instagram and Twitter and I don’t have any privacy settings at all and the whole world are free to view it whenever they want. However I have made my Facebook profile private and unlike Instagram and Twitter where I follow strangers and strangers follow me, Facebook I am very careful whose friend request I accept. The reason why is because I feel like Facebook is more personal and somewhere I share pictures of me and my friends/family and I wouldn’t want someone I didn’t know or had never met to be looking at those specific things. However Instagram and Twitter is more just ‘me’ based in terms of selfies and things I choose to tweet and retweet. If you look at the screenshots I took of my Instagram and Twitter page I give out my twitter and Instagram name so if someone is looking at my twitter they then will know my name to go follow my Instagram account. I have also very recently added my snapchat name to my bio for anyone to add. Snapchat I used to think of as something that is private and for friends only, however with the recent updates and how now you can have stories I feel like I don’t mind people I don’t know viewing my stories as I see that as being a public thing now anyway.


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