Have you been Cat fished before ?

Online visibility is something that I take very seriously, this is because I have had a bad experience, where someone stole my pictures from my Facebook, page and was using it as their own. When I found out what happened I was extremely scared , as my parents had warned me about the dangers of using Facebook , I also studied ICT for GCSE’S and my teacher had also warned me about the information and pictures that you put on the internet.

And so because of this I felt I couldn’t turn to anyone as I had landed myself in the situation. What made me even more scared was the comments that old men were writing on my pictures, I felt like I was going to die, the comments were extremely repulsive and sickening and something a 15 year old shouldn’t have seen.

However with the help of my friends I managed to report the Facebook page and the account was taken down. But because of that negative experience I make sure that all my social media accounts , such as Facebook , Instagram  and Twitter are on private , I am able to control what people get to see and I can select who  my friends.  So even though I have had a negative experience on social media , that didn’t deter me from using Facebook , instead it just made me realise how important it is to watch what you put on the internet and  to take your privacy very seriously



  1. Unfortunately episodes like yours happen very often, and, as you said, that’s why we should be careful of our privacy settings on every social media we sign in. I didn’t experience anything similar, but I had a very closed friend of mine who did. It is terrifying someone does this kind of things. Our identity is something too important, to let something like this happen. I believe your experience should all of us, think careful about how important is our privacy on the Internet, thank you for sharing it with us!


  2. I have a similar experience which is quite scary!! Three month ago my friends showed me some pictures of an account. That is a platform same as Facebook. And I found out the content of that account is almost the same as what I have posted in my account! My friend told me that is his friend’s account and because we haven’t use that platform for a long time I found out that account till now. I know nothing about that person but that person is getting my information every day via my friend. How dangerous is the Internet.


  3. I’ve never experienced anything like this, but I could imagine – it is extremely scary and terrifying. That is why it is extremely important not to ignore privacy settings and actually filter those people who are you adding as your “friends”. I think, nowadays it is easier since almost everybody (at least, everybody I know) are slowly reducing the usage of diffrerent unnecessary social media platforms. It is right – social networks were created first of all to SOCIALIZE and to make communication with your friends and acquaintances easier, not to put as much information on yourself online as possible.


  4. We all think that we have the control until something like this happens. Although, it is not a good thing, having a such experience may be very useful. In your case, for example, it made you rethink your online visibility, which is very important.
    Something similar happened to be as well. Once I’ve wrote my name in Google to check what will appear. Then I saw that a random Twitter account has published one of the pictures I’ve posted on my Instagram. Scary! Isn’t it… This made me realise that it is not such a good idea to share photos with other people, rather just with my friends.
    As I said, it is good to have such an experience.. It makes you realise, that you do not have a control on what is happening online. Even when you think you do.


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