I am Out There

This was by far the hardest topic to blog about and I am writing this an hour prior to the deadline. I must admit that I took too long to gather the courage to say what I am going to say. I have been reading all other posts under this category and I stand is complete opposite.

I am out there. My online visibility is very high. You can Google me, and you will find out quite a lot about who I am, what I do and my professional life. I have attended many events, spoken at conferences and featured in newspapers. This would be the first few things you see; professional visibility. I use Twitter and LinkedIn to make professional contacts and my profile contains details of my career. I have 3 WordPress blogs that has a good follower count.

However, I am also the social animal some people do not approve of. I have many friends on Facebook and I constantly post images and statuses. These garner a lot of online traffic. My Instagram account is public and my bio includes my Snapchat name. I am really annoying on Snapchat and constantly upload my story. Ironically, people who think that I over-share, are the ones that increase the views on my profile. I have a YouTube channel where make videos about my life and I am always in front of the camera!

With this I have clearly given you an impression that Yes, I am out there. Some people tend to judge me for my social media presence. But here’s the thing, I choose to be visible! I am not forced to do this and I am definitely not ashamed to do so. At the same time, I have accepted that sometimes there could be consequences to my online visibility.

What are the measures I take to keep safe? I ensure that I have complete control over my presence. I do not accept friend requests from anyone that I haven’t met or spoken to at least once. I customise my privacy levels in a way that I can choose who views what. I do not post pictures that could be used for any other purpose than what I intend to do. I keep away from social networks that involve interacting with strangers.

I feel online visibility has some perks too. As an aspiring journalist, it is in my job description to be social. In this digital era, I find it essential to be recognised. I want to be a broadcast journalist and my YouTube channel will help me do so! I want to be a good writer, and my blog will help people recognise me. I use social media to id my career goals and the level of online visibility makes a difference in my profession.

These days when journalists go for job interviews, employers check their Twitter followers. I want to make sure that I impress them when that happens!



  1. I definitely agree with your statements and if we thin about it, everyone starting in a career related to media in any way is actually forced to be visible out there because it is part of our jobs so even if we wanted to not be visible online, that’s impossible.

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  2. This post gives a different perspective to many of the other posts on this blog topic – it seems that the majority of people want as much privacy as they can get, but it is clear from your arguments that being exposed online can have its perks, and people like yourself as an aspiring journalist need to be ‘out there’ in order to be more successful in their career.

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