Internet Invisible or not?

social media giph

As I get older I find myself wanting to be more invisible on the internet, is this strange?

I think that because social networking sights can document and save all your information you have to be more cautious on what you upload and what you write on social media. I find that sights such as Facebook, I am more private on. I find Facebook very invasive because they ask for so many personal details that I think you shouldn’t feel the need to share that with the world. I don’t even have a profile picture on Facebook!

The most information that is visible of myself online is my full name, previous schools and from what I know, that is about it. This information is on my public Twitter account and private Instagram account. I like to have my Instagram account private because that way you have as sense of control over who you allow to follow you and who can see your pictures. –I have chosen to share this information with my family and friends who I know I can trust, and some other random people who followed me in the past …

My biggest presence most recently is on Snapchat. Although Snapchat is very open I enjoy and feel more comfortable sharing funny videos with all my friends. I feel with Snapchat you are able to control the privacy more because you can accept or deny people and it tells you who has viewed your story and you can also block people on there as well. – However for celebrities on social media I feel their personal lives are displayed everywhere on social media. Of course they can control this, but I feel they choose to be very open.

-How Visible are you online ?social media giph 2

By Demi Bailey-Paul.



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