It depends on the platform…

While my name is fairly ‘common’ (which if I admit I don’t like), you are able to find me on a variety of social media sites by typing in my username that I use for almost everything. Including Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. The only exception is Facebook. My profiles on all of these platforms are on a public setting…. Why?

The truth is I don’t really have any particular reason to why my profiles are public. I use Facebook more than any other profile and the public are able to view my profile to see what I get up too. People may think, isn’t that dangerous? You don’t know who could be looking at your profile. My argument to that is, I don’t post content on my profile that I deem to be sensitive. For example, I wouldn’t post my address on Facebook or anything I deem to personal. My online self is of course made by me, so I am aware of what is on these platforms. Therefore all of the content that is available for viewing, I feel comfortable with people seeing. This includes mainly pictures and any statuses that I may post about my life.While I do not have ‘control’ as such, because the sensitive information isn’t there, people will not find anything to use against me. I am not an individual that posts often on Facebook, I use it more for seeing what my friends are doing and messaging/interacting with friends through the messenger.

When it comes to YouTube, I want people to see it! As a creator, I very much enjoy making and producing content for peoples enjoyment. My YouTube channel is related to mens hair as I have an interest in mens style and fashion. Therefore having people viewing and using the tips I give, I get enjoyment out of it.

If I were ever to think that any of the content on my profiles could effect me in the real world, I would certainly change the settings, however now, I do not deem it necessary.

-Lewis King



  1. I agree with this – Although being in control of your information is important, it’s also important that you don’t post sensitive information, like you’ve said. Also, as media students, it might be helpful if we are visible on some social networking sites, like YouTube, Soundcloud or our blogs as we want people to see our work. There wouldn’t be much of a point if our work was private. Your point on why you don’t have a reason why your profiles are public, I’m the same… I can’t pinpoint a reason either. This topic did make me consider changing that though.


  2. I think you have picked a brilliant angle on this. Reflecting upon my post, I realise that there is a stark difference between how different social networks have a different USP and our identities are safe as long as we stick to the purpose of each social networking site. I think sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, WordPress and LinkedIn can be great examples of how it depends on the platform.


  3. I completely agree and I think we are in the same page. I think each person has their own level of confort about what they share, and each individual has their own criteria about what personal is. Each person should take resposibility on what they share and who they share it with, and I think this is exactly what you’re doing.


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