It depends who your ‘friends’ are!


I would say my presence on social media is discreet. I have a Twitter account, which is not set to private, and I am followed by accounts I do not know, but the last actual tweet I posted was 5th September 2013 – there is nothing on my twitter for people to see! My Facebook profile, on the other hand, is private, so only my friends can view my post. I feel that Facebook is a more personal platform, whereas Twitter is often used professionally. However, there is only a certain extent that this privacy can go. For example, a friend may tag me in a photo, making my name, face, and activity is viewable to people I may not know. Therefore, although I may not share that I am on holiday with my friends, one of my group may post a picture, perhaps revealing that they and the rest of us have an empty house back home. This may not be a danger at all, but could also be incredibly risky – it depends who your ‘friends’ are!

I also have a profile on Instagram. I made this private for a while but found that this was more of a hassle than it was beneficial because there is a longer process to accepting follow requests and following other accounts. I also find this a nuisance when trying to find my friends to follow – the Instagram picture is only small, and people may not use their face for their profile picture. I don’t find Instagram a huge risk – yes, people can view my photos, and some of them may be a little embarrassing, but, like Twitter, I have nothing to hide!

Therefore, I think the risk of an exposed profile depends on the content you post on the social media, and who can see your posts.




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